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"The old man used to say that the best part of hunting and fishing was the thinking about going and the talking about it after you got back." -Robert Ruark

About Us

After spending tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands when you factor in boats and vehicles used in pursuit of our favorite activities, the founders realized how much money was wasted on trying brands that failed to live up to their hype.

It was decided ‘let’s build our own e-commerce outdoors website, buy the products, test the products, write a review of the products giving a thumbs up or thumbs down, telling our fellow sportsmen our take and in fact they can ask us to test a product they’ve found before they spend their own hard-earned money.

What makes Tallulah Creek Outdoors different?

We feed over 24 tons of corn a year on our littel piece of paradise.  We believe in consistency because being consistent in our efforts to keep the wild game on reliable food sources keeps them coming back for more.  All while we get to watch them grow on camera!

We’ve used attractants for years and in Florida all too often rain sets in every day and spoils the use of them on the ground.  We experimented with additives mixed in our feeders in hopes they might return more often keeping the deer there longer.

Some we’ve tried did and some didn’t, some clogged, some cost too much, others should have been free but with the help of an expert through much research, hard work and a year of trial and error, we found a formula that worked for us.

Our additives are specific formulations of taste and aroma enhancers making it attractive and highly more appealing and palatable for our game.

The unique formulations are all researched and field-proven to be effective in their applications.  Only the finest, full-strength natural and artificial flavorings are used in our attractant product line.

Our careful formulation produces consistent uniformity from batch to batch.  Other quality ingredients such as carriers and anti-caking agent ensure excellent dispersion in our mixes.  Proper use of antioxidants promotes long-term flavor and aroma stability.

We don’t spend money on fancy packaging, marketing, or buy ads, our money is in the product, heck you’ll throw the package away when done so why waste your money?  The one-ounce package fits in your shirt pocket.

P.O. Box 195051

Winter Springs, FL  32719